My name is Dayane  and I’m from Brazil. I have a degree in psychology and want to do a masters in this area, but for that I needed to improve my English so decided to come to Ireland. I’ve been here since March and my level of English is now intermediate.

dayfotoHow did you find your job? For how long were you looking for a job, before you find this one?

I got this job, because a friend of mine told me about an agency.  If you pay for the courses “Manual handling” and “Safety food” with them they will suggest different jobs that are  available to you based on that experience. At the moment I’m working in a restaurant in a hotel. I was very worried that I wouldn’t find a job mainly because I’m not fluent in English. I didn’t feel very confident speaking english, but since I started looking for a job, I always got one, even it was just temporary.

What’s the most difficult part of looking for a job?

The language barrier and the fear to not understand what the people are saying. Because of that, we miss lots of opportunities, but now I understand that the body language, an expression, a smile helps a lot, so I’m not afraid anymore.

Why do you think they hired you?

Because I didnt have any restrictions to work, I showed that I was available to do whateaver job they have as: cleanner, waitress, housekeeper, and whatever time they need. Besides that, I showed that I am hard-working and a fast-learner.

What tips would you give for our followers that are looking for a job?

First: Don’t be afraid to communicate! Show that you are interested and willing to learn.

Second: Don’t complain! Personally I consider one of the worst defect of a professional who complains all the time.

Third: Be Positive and Patient! I sent my CV for 300 emails, only 20 answered me back, and I got 5 interviews. So, you just need to keep trying!

Don’t Give up and Good Luck!

Citywest Hotel are currently looking for the following positions : Commis Chefs, Food Servers, Chef de Parties.

If you feel that you are up for the challenge of working in Irelands largest hotel and would like to join this team send your CV to Caroline Feighery at

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